Basic rules to fix hp laptop black screen error | 

Basic rules to fix hp laptop black screen error

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Fix 1: Hard reset your PC 

By and large the equipment flawed can cause the dark screen on your HP PC, so you should expel the associated equipment from your PC and check whether this is the place the issue lies in. 

  • Mood killer your PC. 

  • Evacuate the power, hard drives, the battery and any joined fringe gadgets. 

  • Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds and discharge. 

  • Put your battery in and plug the charger. At that point don't plug whatever else. 

  • Boot your laptop again to check whether it works now.

On the off chance that it fixes the dark screen issue on your HP PC, you ought to have found and fixed your concern. At that point, you can kill your PC, and attachment one fringe gadget once a period, and check whether the issue can be replicated. At that point, you can find the reason and fix it. 

On the off chance that your dark screen is still there, don't stress. We have different answers for the attempt. Sympathetically note on the off chance that you can't sign in to your Windows PC, you'll have to boot your laptop into Safe Mode before attempting the accompanying arrangements in order to get rid of hp laptop black screen error . 



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